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Its that time of year again – Pancake Day!
So i thought id share with you a traditional pancake recipe.

Personally I love american pancakes with maple syrup – yummmm
However in our house i am the only one with that preference, so today we went with the traditional style pancakes, with lemon and sugar!

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Pancake with lemon and sugar

What you will need:

100g Plain Flour
2 Eggs
300ml Milk
1 tbsp Vegetable Oil (plus more for frying)
Lemon and Sugar to serve


Place all ingredients into a jug and whisk together well
Leave to sit for 5 minutes
Place 2 tsp veg oil into a medium sized frying pan and heat until sizzling
Pour in the mixture and swirl it around the saucepan to cover
Cook for approx 2 minutes (or until cooked underneath) then flip! (watch out floor!)
Cook for 1 minute more on the other side, then serve.
Repeat until all the mixture is used up

Enjoy xx

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Ready to flip!

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