Whisk Kids

Making Food Fun For Kids

Hi, My name is Jodie

I started Whisk Kids when my daughter was 6 months old.
She was an extremely fussy eater and so I wanted to try and make food more “fun” for her and help encourage her to try new foods.
I looked for cooking based baby and toddler classes on the net, but couldn’t find anything suitable, so I decided to set up my own.

I began running cooking classes for ages 6m – 4yrs, with an emphasis on sensory exploration, fun, growing confidence around food and trying new things.

A huge part of a child’s development is learning about processes, cause and effect, developing fine motor skills, recognising smells, tastes and textures etc and cooking with your child is an amazing way to help them develop in these areas, whilst spending quality time bonding with them.

Plus, if you have a fussy eater like my little girl, involving them in the cooking process makes them much more eager and likely to try the final product! not always guaranteed, but more likely, believe me!

So my cooking classes soon grew into providing Children’s Birthday Parties for all ages.

The little kids love having something fun and interactive to do at a party, and the bigger kids love being able to go home from a party having something they’ve made and are proud of!

Party themes have covered a wide range, including Messy food play, Moana themed biscuits, Dinosaur dirt Cheesecakes, Unicorn Cupcake decorating, Monster pizza faces, Fairy picnics, Fireman Sam cupcakes and many more!

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