These downloadable recipe cards for kids are aimed for ages 4-6yrs

They have been written in a way that children should be able to read and follow the recipe as independently as possible.

Cooking with children is a great activity, it incorporates English reading and sequencing skills, Maths weighing skills, science – (what happens to the properties of ingredients once cooked)

You can also incorporate extra learning themes such as healthy eating, where food comes from, art and creativity and much more!

These recipe cards are very simplified in order to make it easier for ages 4-6yrs to follow. They will obviously require some adult intervention to support in the preparation, as well as using the oven.


  • Downloadable recipe cards can be laminated in order to use again
  • To help with sequencing, the child can mark off which steps they have already completed
  • Read through the recipe before starting to cook

More downloadable recipe cards coming soon!

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